3D Wheel Alignment Machine

3D – Wheel Alignment –2C Technology- Independent
Column Model – IC


  • It can be used in shop having very small width of 8 Feet.(Usually require 12 Feet)
  • Drive through the car possible in this machine.
  • It can't be used with lift – Drawback of Machine.
  • Russian Technology.
  • 20 Mega Pixel High Definition Video Camera.
  • Large Covering Span, Large focus area, Large Aperture.
  • Camera made by Foji Japan.
  • No needs to move the Camera beam while using lift for Wheel Alignment.
  • 3 M America Made IR reflective tapes.
  • 1:3 Camera Diameter
  • Software to adjust vibration, beam lift, bright lift with IR
  • Minimum 12 Feet of shop width require
  • No need of auto up-down