Quick Lifting Systems

Air Bellow Car Jack - 3 Ton - 1 feet

Fit under most cars and lift most wheels off the ground. Work on floor, with handle and wheels for transport.

  • Adjustable Handle-3 Positions
  • Quick Lift and fall, usually it take 3sec to lift a car
  • Protecting Chasis, contact part is made of rubber
  • Long Life, more than 1,00,000 operation
  • Easy to operate and save labour
  • Automatic pneumatic lifting & falling
  • Relief valve to protect the bag
  • Trouble free operation
  • Powerful, Durable, Safe

Technical Data:

Capacity 3000 kg
Working Pressure 145 psi
Min Height 100 mm
Max Height 295 mm
Lifting Time 3 sec
Gross Weight 17 kg
Advance switch very easy to operate
100mm pad increase the lifting height
Advance relief valve
Advance rotating structure of handle very solid and firm
Large and thick base protect the air bag and avoid distortion