Automatic Foot Mat Cleaner

  • Our Automatic Car Mat Cleaner is a powerful equipment to clean all kinds of car mats for passenger cars, vans, etc.
  • Quick & Efficient cleaning ability, being harmless to the mat.
  • Instant Service: 30 SECONDS ONLY to clean one mat.
  • Multi-Function: According to the pollution degree of the mats Independent Water Cleaning Mode; Independent Foam Cleaning Mode; or Mixed Water & Foam Cleaning Mode.
  • All the above cleaning modes are completed automatically.
  • High quality water absorbing rollers with imported Japanese material–effectively clean any leftover water and bubble.
  • Inner electricity leakage protection devices for safety.

Technical Data:

max Width of Mats <=60 cms
Rotating speed of rolling brush 420 rolls/minute
Moter Power 300W
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Enviroment Temperature 2-40C
Dimension 94 x 50 x 110 cms
Weight 85 Kgs