Automatic Tyre Changer with RFT Kit

Automatic Tyre Changer with vertical column with pneumatic locking ensures that large profile new generation tyres and alloy wheels without damaging them. Hi-Torque electric turnable works at a controlled speed for easy tyre removal and installation. Clamping pedal works with step function which can stop the clamp at any position. The machine has Built In Air storage tank for Tubeless Tyre Inflation by 4 nozzles provided at the four wheel clamps.

Technical Data:

Rim clamping from outside 10-20"
Rim clamping from inside 12-23"
Max. wheel diameter 950mm
Max. wheel width 3-12"
Operating pressure 8-10 bar
Motor power 1.1 kw
Bead breaking force -
Noise level < 70db