Automobile AC Gas Handling Systems

Fully Automatic AC Gas Charging System

  • Multiple language
  • Digitally monitoring of pressure
  • Release excess pressure through button
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy removal of filter cartridges
  • Rear side extra strong nylon wheel with rubber cover
  • Front side lockable wheel
  • Extra strong plastic used for new and old oil bottles
  • Purge key release gases from inner cylinder
  • Purge oil key to inject new oil in A/c system
  • Pressure up key to add pressure in A/c system
  • Pressure down key to reduce pressure in A/c system
  • Start/Stop key
  • Help key for information

Technical Data:

Input power 500 W
Refrigerant type 134a
Recovering speed 350 g/min
Charging speed 900 g/min
Net weight 85 kg
Dimension (mm) 640 x 580 x 1130