Blue Tooth Wheel Aligner for Truck & Bus

Salient Features:

  • New True truck wheel alignment principle: Use axis of frame to be alignment base. A complete end to the use of car alignment principle (Use rear thrust line to be alignment base). The machine can do alignment for any complex multi-axis of the carts (including buses, trailers, trucks, etc.)
  • The machine uses fixed stand post stuff gauge. It is suitable for rapid detection.
  • CCD High-precision measurement of ultralong distance systems, solving the problems of inaccuracy of laser measurement and short distance of traditional CCD measurement.
  • The use of 2,4,6 or 8 sensors (standard for 4 sensors)measurements can be required at the same time.
  • Standard Bluetooth wireless communication systems, with anti-jamming frequency-hopping automatically and faster transmission.
  • Comprehensive measurement of the angle, in addition to the usual toe-in, camber, caster, but also on the rear axle inaccuracy, the main and steering wheels parallel, parallel between the rear axles, the max. turning angle, 20 degrees anti-toe-in measurement.


Main Functions :

Standard four point clamp
Imported Turntable
Stand Post Single