Brake Disc Lathe

Solution for Run Out / Noise / Roughness It is a very useful equipment to polish and remove the scratch marks, noise & run out from the brake disc. It can be used in motorcycle & car workshops.

Technical Data:

Working Height 1/1.25 m (Min/Max)
Drive Speed 98 rpm
Voltage 220V
Ambient Temp -20C to 40C
Turning Accuracy < 0.005 mm
Brake disc Runout < 0.005 mm
Brake disc thickness Variation 0.005-0.01mm
Brake disc surface roughness Ra 1.5-2
Brake disc 380mm
Max Brake disc thickness 42 mm
Automatic Knob Accuracy < 0.02 - < 0.01 mm
Feed Rate 8.5 mm/min
Weight 7.3 kg