Computerised Wheel Alignment Machine


  • Advanced 16 Sensor Wheel Alignment System
  • Measurement of Front Wheel Camber, Caster, Toe, Kingpin and Set Back
  • Measurement of Rear Wheel Toe, Camber, Set Back and Thrust Angle
  • Wireless communication by Zigbee technology
  • Voice command function gives audio command for every step
  • Self check function for the probe rod detects deviation and automatically prompts the fixed standard value
  • Platform calibration function
  • Infrared 8 beam CCD Camera from Japan
  • 8 Inclinometers from Midori, Japan
  • LCD display screen on every sensor shows the value of Toe and Camber, horizontal position of sensor and the charge in the sensor battery
  • Black box is used to store information from sensors
  • 3D animation graphic display wheel position
  • The sensors automatically recognize low chassis vehicles and switches over the low chassis alignment function
  • Quick alignment function for front wheels
  • Two different alignment surfaces can be saved to the memory
  • Data Manager Software for customer history
  • Power failure data protection
  • Platform calibration function for compensating the height difference between two platforms of the lift


Measurement Range and Precision:

Item Precision Range
Front Wheel Total Toe ±0.02° ±4°
Front Wheel Individual Toe ±0.01° ±2°
Front Wheel Camber ±0.03° ±4°
Camber ±0.1° ±18°
SAI/KPI ±0.1° ±18°
Rear Wheel Total Toe ±0.02° ±4°
Rear Wheel Individual Toe ±0.01° ±2°
Real Wheel Camber ±0.03° ±4°
Thrust Angle ±0.03° ±2°
Set Back ±0.03° ±2°

Main Functions :

Interface Display
Kingpin Measurement and Adjustment
Zero Point Calibration
Steering Angle Measurement
Front Axle Measurement and Adjustment
Self Centring Wheel Clamps
Sensor Head
Long life Turn Table with Scale