Four Post Lift - with Wheel Alignment function

The equipment is ideal for wheel alignment job. The lift is provided with space for mounting the turn tables.T he lift covers an area of 10ft x 15 ft.

  • Electro-hydraulic operation
  • Designed for fast and accurate wheel alignment of cars
  • Capacity 4.0 tons
  • Lifting height 1.75 meters
  • Hydraulic center jack capacity-2 tons, second lift height 375 mm. Vehicle
  • can further be lifted to free the four wheels with the help of a second lifter that moves on the central railing
  • Adjustable bridge width to accommodate different wheel tracks
  • High precision CNC machining of all components for accurate operation
  • The lift can also be used for wheel rotation, engine oil replacement, brake repair, silencer repair, ball bearing replacement, shock absorber repair, arm replacement & under body anti rust coating etc