Wheel Alignment Machine

2 Camera Technology
Model – Jetstar 9000-TV

Jetstar 9000-TV is computer aided wheel aligner with infrared connection between measurement units and data transfer via cable or high frequency radio channel (Bluetooth).


  • High precision sensors located in measurement units feed continuous information on positions of car wheels.
  • Digital information from the measurement units is fed to the PC (electronic unit) via cables or WIFI.
  • The PC continuously processes information and display the measurement parameters on the screen.
  • When processing information, the errors calculated during run out compensation are always taken into account.
  • The computer automatically computers the measurement parameter with standard from the wheel alignment database that contains over 40000 vehicles.
  • The technician works with the PC using the keyboard, mouse or remote controller.
  • 8cm short distance push pull save timed effort
  • 2 Camera-TV Patented camera design Board of 8 ft high camera

Advantage of 3D

  • No expensive service bills due to accidental drop of sensor.
  • No sensor calibration issues.
  • No battery discharge issue.
  • No heavy weight sensors
  • Quick result-All four axles same time
  • Saves time.
  • 2 Camera –UP Down
  • Suitable for shop with 3D at the entrance Dual purpose, Infinite position.
  • The use of 3D technologies allows high precision measurements special camera firmware promotes a high speed screen refresh.