3D Wheel Alignment – 2C Technology – Motion


3D Wheel Alignment Machine

2C Technology- Motion
Model – Jetstar-9000-2C-Motion

Jetstar 3D wheel aligners are designed to take measurements and make adjustments on steerable and unsteerable axles of cars and can be installed in automotive companies, tire shops, car service stations, automotive manufacturing plants, diagnostic centers. Configuration of the workplace sometimes does not allow you to use traditional 3D wheel aligners. But our long and wide experience helped us design Jetstar-9000-2C-Motion wheel aligners which allow installation in various conditions.


  • Fit for any type of 4-post lifts.
  • Fit for scissor lifts.
  • Fit for pits, with NO additional equipment required.
  • No limits on the distance between the lift and the front wall.
  • Machine vision system fits in the sizes of the lift (pit).
  • Measurements and adjustments at any height of the lift.
  • Not attached to a certain work place.
  • Adjustable magnetic fastenings on camera units.
  • Completely wireless connection.
  • Mobile camera units with reliable fastenings allow minimizing the risk of their damage.
  • Distance for camera units installation is only 900mm from front turn tables.
  • Compact targets made of magnesium alloy significantly improve operational comfort.
  • Camera unit with measurement camera and additional camera.
  • Camera unit with measurement camera and target.
  • Additional camera and target are used to calculate the position of camera units relative to each other.
  • 4 compact reference targets

Technical Specifications :

Item Precision


Front wheel camber ±0.02° ±10°
Front Wheel Caster Angle ±0.02° ±10°
Front Wheel Toe ±0.02° ±10°
Front Wheel Total Toe ±0.02° ±10°
Rear Wheel Camber ±0.02° ±10°
Rear wheel Toe ±0.02° ±10°
Rear Wheel Thrust Angle ±0.02° ±10°
Front Set Back ±0.02° ±10°
Rear Set Back ±0.02° ±10°