3D Wheel Alignment Machine for Trucks and Buses
with Wide Scope Long Range Technology


3D Wheel Alignment Machine
For Trucks & Buses

with Wide Scope Long Range Technology
Model : Jet Star 9000 – 4C – CV
Make : Techno Vector, Russia

Techno vector 7 is the first in the world 3D wheel aligner of traditional assembling for heavy duty vehicles

Key Features:

  • It allows taking measurements on heavy duty vehicles with the wheelbase up to 16 meters
  • 4 Digital HD video cameras
  • Machine vision system housing are vertical posts equipped with high –precision network cameras with high –quality matrices
  • Machine vision system automatically recognizes the targets that are installed on the wheels of the vehicle and the position of the probe target. After that it calculates their geometrical position in space to high precision.
  • Compact and easy Targets.
  • One Target for each wheel.
  • Easy to handle.
  • No need to calibrate targets
  • Self-centering wheel adapters with the mobile central part fit 12’’-24’’ wheel disk and are compatible with motorcars and trucks.
  • Remote control allows you to control your pc from the distance up to 10 meters.

Computer Cabinet includes:

1.      Electronic unit based on PC with intel core 13 processor and up to date video card that support direct X11,

2.      22’’ and above widescreen LCD monitor,

3.      Special Bracket

4.      Wireless Remote control.

5.      The Database that contains thorough information on wheel alignment and is integrated in the software.


Additional Features:-

  1. 3D Wheel Alignment Machine with 4 Camera Technology.
  2. The machine should be capable of performing wheel alignment of Truck / Bus up to 18 meter long and car/CCV of 2 Meter long.
  3. The two vertical pillar house 2 cameras each.
  4. Self- centering clamps fit disk up to 24” rims
  5. Target boards covered with reflective sheeting do not contain electronic elements.
  6. High – precision image targets. Images are converted with a protective oil-and-petrol resistant layer.
  7. Durable impact-resistant housing.
  8. Special probe target allows quick and accurate measurements of truck frame position in order to determine vehicle centre line.
  9. Machine vision system housings are vertical pillars equipped with precision network camera units based on high-quality matrices. Data transfer from the camera units to the PC is carried out over TCP/IP.
  10. Such a location of the machine vision system allows you to take into account individual peculiarities of a certain workplace and allows a passage.
  11. The Machine vision system allows automatic recognition of targets installed on vehicle wheels and the position of the probe target and high-precision recognition of their geometrical position in space.
  12. Microsoft Window 8 is used as a licensed operating system.
  13. The 3D program interface allows you to see position and wheel alignment angles on the screen in real-time mode.
  14. The user-friendly interface and advanced help and support allow even novices to learn how to use the wheel aligner quickly and start working.
  15. There are the most up-to-date mathematical algorithms used in the software that allow for the slightest image distortions made by the optical system.
  16. Beam with 4 video cameras (2 x 1.3 and 2 x 5 Mega Pixel)
  17. 4 Targets 2 x 8’ + 2 x 11’ (37)
  18. 4 Wheel Clamps up to 24 inches clamping
  19. Steering wheel holder
  20. Brake lock
  21. Radio remote controller
  22. Probe target
  23. Turn Plates of 5 Ton Capacity each
Technical Specifications:


Parameter Measurement Range Max error in measurement Average error in measurement

Front Wheel Alignment

Camber + 8˚ +3’ +2’
Front Total Toe +5˚ +3’ +2’
Caster +19˚ +8’ +5’
SAI/KPI +19˚ +8 +5’
Lock Angle +45˚ +10’ +5’

Rear Wheel Alignment

Camber +8˚ +3’ +2’
Rear Total Toe +5˚ +3’ +2’

Symmetry Angles

Front Set Back (Controllable) +2,5˚ +3’ +2’
Rear Set Back (Uncontrollable) + 2, 5˚ +3’ +2’
Thrust Angle +2, 5˚ +3’ +2’
Geometrical Driving Axis +2, 5˚ +3’ +2’