Robotic Car Body Washer
with Chasis Wash System


Robotic Car Body Washer
with Chasis Wash System
(Touchless Washing)

Model :- Jet Wash – ROHP

Jet Wash System introduces automatic car washing plant in two different models. The first model is unique design which washes the car without the use of vertical or horizontal brushes. This system is called Roll Over High Pressure (ROHP). In this model the machine uses two dancing nozzles each on the top, left and right of the Vehicle. The High pressure water jet is strong enough to remove any type of stains or dirt on the car body.

This Machine works on Five Cycles.

Cycle 1  – High Pressure Water Jet On the Car Body

Cycle 2  – Fine Spray of detergent

Cycle 3 –   Scrubbing of detergent by Foam pads (manual operation)

Cycle 4 – High pressure water jet to wash away the soap

Cycle 5 –  High pressure air for drying (Optional )


Advantages :-

  • Low Water consumption
  • Less time per vehicle
  • Very Easy to operate
  • Cost Effective
  • Less area required  for plant

Technical Specifications : 

Machine Type : Overhead carriage dual swing arm type ultrasonic sensors for automatic vehicle length sensing.

Maximum dimensions of Vehicles : L-5500mm, W-3000mm, H-2700mm

Minimum Water Consumption

Washing of vehicle per hour – 10 to 15

Under Chasis Wash System :

Operating pressure : 55bar

Vehicle Washable dimension : 5500mm x 3000mm

Minimum Water Consumption

Automatic Vehicle Length Sensing