Automatic Tyre Changer – Jet Fit 300


Automatic Tyre Changer

Model : JET FIT 300

Regular 24” Turn Table Regular with swing arm and 24” turn table

The Tyre changer operate with electro pneumatic power. The mounting head is made of special steel and patent design. It fits in all type of Rim Profiles. The machine is designed to handle wide rims efficiently.

  • 24 Inch Turn Table of 14 mm thickness.
  • 40 Ampere Silver Point Reverse Switch.
  • 1.5 HP High Torque imported copper winding motor.
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box with non-wearing mixed steel material gears.
  • Alloy Wheel ready machine with rubber cover on mounting device, on Wheel Clamps, on Bead breaking shovel.
  • Heavy Duty Large Size long life industrial grade FRL.
  • Independently connected Tyre Pressure Gauge with Hose.
  • All pneumatic pipes connected with end nuts to avoid air leakage in spring type connectors.
  • More than 1000 tyre changers running across the country.
Technical Specification :-

Rim Clamping from Outside 10”~18”
Rim Clamping from Inside 12”~21”
Max wheel diameter 960 mm
Max wheel width 3-12”
Operation Pressure 8-10 bar
Motor Power 1.5 HP
Bead breaking force 2500 kg
Noise Level <70 db