Automatic Under Body Car Wash


Automatic Under body Car Wash

Model:- Jet Wash-Belly

This system is mounted on a trolley with Four Nozzles. It travels along with the washing system gantry and cleans under chassis area of the car. It is an optional accessory which is supplied on demand.

Jet Wash systems are manufactured in our own plant under strict adherence to quality and accuracy. The sheet metal is treated with seven tank process for long life. The Jet Wash Car Washing System can wash up to 20 cars in one hour. The system can adopt different sizes of cars by selecting the model on the control panel. High quality electronic components and PLC ensures a problem free working of the system. The system is designed and developed in Japan by world leader in Car wash systems “Asia Wash”.

Technical Specifications : 

Standard Fixed Type Top Blower 1 set
Swing type side blower 2 sets
High Pressure washing 2 sets
Max. Air Pressure 10 kg
Max Washing size 520L x 220W x 210H cm
Dimension 60L x 360W x 300H cm
Operation area 1000L x 400W x 360H cm
Rail Length 9m
Total Power Consumption 25Kw
Power Expense 0.9kwh/car
Water Expense 100-150 L/car
Wash Speed 10-20 car/h
Vehicle Type Car , Taxi, Jeep, RV Car,Van