Diesel Smoke Meter


Diesel Smoke Meter

India’s first Computerized Diesel Smoke Meter

Diesel smoke meter is used to measure the diesel engine exhaust smoke. The model is equipped with a Gas temperature pressure valve and distribution control cell in order to ensure measuring  accuracy and repeatibilty. It can measure the complete opacity spectrum from 0 to 100% in either continous or free acceleration test.

Features :

  • It saves cost of computers
  • More than 1 Lac test report store capacity
  • Monthly PUC testing report generating facility
  • Heating time is less than 10 minutes
  • It can save data directly to server or Email
  • Big LED monitor to show all the parameters
  • Capable of checking Bharat stage 1 to 5 and beyond
  • Freedom to use any printer & Camera with the machine
  • All standard accessories like pipe, Probe, RPM Cord, Oil Temp Cord, Webcam, Keyboard mouse and LED monitor
  • Automatic reset before and after every test
  • Easy glass cleaning system

Technical Specifications :

Opacity : 0 to 99.9% Res. 0.1
Opacity : from 0 to 9.99 m -1 Res .0.01
RPM Counter : 300 to 9990 rpm Res . 10
Oil Temperature : 20c to 400c Res. 1
Smoke Temperature : 20c to 400c Res . 1
Display : 30 to 5000 PPM
Power Supply : 30c to 150c
Power Consumption : < 100 Watts
Operating System : 5c – 50c
Light source : Green LED