Jet Steam Car Washer – XD



Model : OPTIMA  XD

Based on popular Optima Steamer™ DMF model, the XD was redesigned with next generation features that make it easier to harness the cleaning power of steam. Some of the updates to the new XD include an LCD display for easier operation, larger water and fuel tanks with visible gauges, a simple emergency stop button and an easy access chassis that makes maintenance and repair a breeze.

And because the new XD is powered by diesel fuel it is ideal for mobile cleaning and sanitizing applications such as:

·         Cleaning and detailing cars, trucks and other vehicles

·         Removal of surface decals and film

·         Cleaning recreational equipment and public sculptures

·         Disaster recovery

Features :

  • LCD Display
  • Diesel operated
  • 1 Litre Diesel Consumption For 3 Cars
  • 4 Litre Water Consumption For 1 Car
  • No Sludge
  • No Soap or Shampoo
  • Engine Steam Degreaser
  • Wax Like Finish
  1. Jet steam is world No. 1 High Pressure steam cleaner.
  2. It is the market leader in 117 countries across the globe.
  3. It is high quality robust and trouble free equipment with long life.
  4. It cleans the car in less than 20 minutes with only 4 Liter of water thus helping in water conservation.
  5. It generates no effluent or mug after washing thus requires no effluent treatment plant, so acting as a great environment savior.
  6. Apart from washing it sanitizes and disinfects the car cabin by
  7. killing the germs and harmful bacteria.
  8. It is portable and simple in operation with compact design thus making it a versatile cleaner for Hotel, Hospital, Showroom Floor, Glass and Workshop Equipments etc.

Technical Specifications :

Model XD
Category Mobile (diesel-heated), Plastic
Boiler / Heater Info 304 Stainless Steel Boiler,
Diesel-fired Combustion
Electric power (watts) 250W~350W
Required voltage 115V (110~120V),
220~230V (50, 60Hz)
Required amperage‡ 3~4 amp max
Heater count n/a
Steam capacity 89.04 Kg/hr
Maximum flow rate 1.81 Ltr/min
BTUs (approximate or equivalent)** 65,000~152,000
Operating pressure 101.5~123.3 psi / 7~8.5 bar
Maximum pressure 137.8 psi / 9.5 bar
Boiler vessel capacity 10.8 Litre
Boiler temperature 3520F
Sprayer tip temperature 2750F
Steam temperature, sprayed‡ < 2120F
Preheating time‡ 3~5 minutes
Water tank capacity 36 Litre
Fuel tank capacity 36 Litre
Fuel consumption average: 2 Litre/hr
maximum: 4 Litre/hr
Steam hose connections 2
Direct water connection Yes
Body materials Polypropylene, Polyethylene
Colors available Red