Texa Scanner Axone 5


Texa Scanner Axone 5


AXONE 5 is the new display unit designed by TEXA for all the diagnostic operations on the vehicles belonging to the CAR and BIKE environments. It is an extremely easy-to-use tool, manufactured with latest-generation components to ensure accurate repair operations to the highest standard.

AXONE 5 is proposed to workshops at an excellent price/quality ratio along with the reliability and user experience that are typical of TEXA products.

It is a solution within everyone’s reach, ideal for the most expert and demanding users but also for mechanics who have just opened a new business.

Excellent Components

The quad-core ARM® Cortex® A9 processor with graphics accelerator provides the tool with computing power and efficiency in resource management.

The latest-generation 9.7 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels guarantees ultimate definition and total precision to the touch.

Its powerful batteries allow using AXONE 5 for a whole working day (8 hours in typical use). The tool is also equipped with Bluetooth module and high performance Wi-Fi that ensure high-quality connectivity in terms of reception and stability.

Robust and Versatile

Robust and practical outside, powerful and intuitive inside. AXONE 5 is the perfect companion for the specialists in the diagnosis of CAR and BIKE.

Its exceptional technical features, together with its user friendliness, ensure rapid and effective interventions.

AXONE 5 is a trusted companion for the professional that operates in a tough working environment, in mobility and outside. Equipped with an anti-slip surface that makes it steady to handle, it is resistant to shocks and falls.

Axone 5 Car Package Kit Contents

  • Axone 5
  • Navigator Nano S
  • 1st Year’s Annual Car Texpack
SOLVED PROBLEMS powered by Google™ (by subscription)

Implemented in collaboration with Google, this amazing function allows you to access TEXA databases
easily, to search for repair procedures already encountered and registered by our international call centres.
Vehicle repairers can access thousands of practical troubleshooting cases, tested on site by mechanics all
over the world, 24/7.

Automatic Vehicle Search

The Vehicle Search function identifies the exact model you are working on. Quick and intuitive, the search
can be used in the following ways:
VIN Code Search: connected to the vehicle socket, the diagnostic tool automatically retrieves the VIN and
then selects the vehicle you are working on in the IDC5 software.
Engine Code Search: in this case the vehicle identification is carried out simply by entering the engine code.
License Plate Search: this function lets you find and load data for any vehicle saved in IDC5’s Customer
Management database, simply by entering the complete or partial license plate number.

TGS3s System Global Scan

TGS3s is an automatic scan of all the control units installed in a vehicle that can be diagnosed, fast
in accessing the diagnostics and identifying the control units automatically. At the end of the scan, it
instantaneously displays any errors in the vehicle, along with the error codes and the relevant descriptions.
It also allows you to read and clear the errors with a single click. From the errors screen, you can immediately
run a self-diagnostic test on the selected system.

Freeze Frame

It allows you to display a series of parameters and data indicating the vehicle usage conditions at the moment
a failure occurred. The details of the information in the Freeze Frame depend on the manufacturer and may
vary according to the type of system diagnosed

Error Help

The simplest and easiest information to access is the ‘Error help’. The Help content provides useful information
to understand the meaning of the error message and if necessary, to indicate the checks to perform first.

Self-diagnosis support

Detailed information supporting the self-diagnosis is contained in the Technical Data, Technical Sheets and
Wiring Diagrams, which describe the functions of the individual systems. Furthermore, you can access the
mechanical data specific for each vehicle.

Technical Data

An extraordinary data base to examine the specific features of each vehicle in detail. You will find extremely
precise and detailed indications on Mechanical Data, Wheel Alignment, Tyre Pressure, Timing Belt, Scheduled
Maintenance, Component Location, Component Testing.

Technical Sheets

They provide very precise information dedicated to the specific vehicle selected, such as the manual reset of
a service, overviews of a specific electronic-mechanical system and much more.

Interactive wiring diagrams

The interactive wiring diagrams allow you to enhance the troubleshooting, interacting with the various
elements they are composed of. You can select a device and highlight its wirings, the electric connections and
the connection logic with other elements in the diagram. Another function allows you to see the connection
between the control unit pins and the device pins, and using the interactive links between the pages you can
highlight the desired diagram and connection.


Technical Specifications :

– Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 2D/3D graphics accelerator
– 2GB RAM memory
– 64GB solid state drive
– Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 operating system
– Button with ON/OFF and RESET functions
– 9.7 inch display, resolution 2048×1536 pixels
– Red LED as charging indication and red/green/blue LED for notifications
– Speaker
– 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer
– 3-axis magnetometer
– Dual band Wi-Fi module
– Bluetooth module
– Camera with flash and 5-megapixel autofocus
– Battery lasting 8 hours of typical use
– External connector for power supply, battery charging
– USB connector