Computerised Wheel Balancer for Truck and Car

Computerised Wheel Balancer for Truck and Car

Model: Jet Age WB – 953 – T&C

Wheel balancer machine can handle both of Truck and passenger car’s wheel.

Built in 5 modes of Wheel Balancing functions

It runs special 64 encodes program for higher accuracy


  • 5 Modes of balancing: Dynamic, Static, ALU-1, ALU- 2 & ALU-3
  • Manual data input
  • Built in calibration program
  • Combination of Truck and Car wheel’s balancing
  • Comes with separate shafts for Car & truck

Technical Data :

Rim Diameter Range 39”
Max Rim Width 20”
Max Wheel Diameter 47”
Distance to spin flange 10”
Max Wheel Weight lift Cap 150 Kg
Balancing Precision 1g
Balancing Speed 150 – 100 RPM (Dual Speed)
Display: Classic display Keypad
Angular Position 64
Ounce/Gram selectable Yes
Balancing Mode 5
Approx. Machine Weight 332 Kg
Voltage Operation 110-240V
Dimension 115 x 83 x 128 cm